Cookie policy

We use cooking to improve your experience on our site. Here’s more information on our cookies policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with information, stored on the visitor’s device, whose function is to improve the user experience and the site’s functionality. These files allow the site to recognize returning visitors and adapt its content according to their preferences. Cookies standardly include the name of the site they belong to, the time they’re stored on the visitor’s device, and a unique identifying number.

Does your site use third-party cookies?

No, the site does not allow or use cookies from third-parties.

Do cookies store personal information?

Person data stored in the cookies can only be used to deliver certain functionalities to the visitor. Such information is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

How to turn off cookies?

All current browsers let you change your cookie preferences. Usually you can find these settings in the “options”, “settings” or “preferences” of your browser. You can use the browser’s “Help” if you’re not sure how to use these settings.

If you have any questions about our cookies policy, don’t hesitate to email us: [email protected]

This document was last updated on 19.12.2018